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DVD to MP4 Converter Software Reviews

Find Software to convert and rip DVD to MP4 formatIt's amazing how many devices there are these days on the market that support MP4 video. Everything from the iPod to the Apple TV to the PSP and even some cell phones play MP4 videos. There is difficulty, however, in finding suitable video to play on your MP4 supported device. Many people want the ability to put their DVD movies on their MP4 device so they can take them with them when they travel, go on the subway and other activities.

This section is setup to help you find software that can convert your DVD collection to MP4 compatible format. There are literally 100's of software on the market today than can handle this task, but some are much better than others (take our word for it!).

We have reviewed and tested several of the top DVD to MP4 software and have made our recommendations on this page. The software below are ones we feel do the best job at getting your DVDs ready for iPod, PSP and other portable device storage and playback. Without further ado, here's our list:

  • iSofter DVD to MP4 Converter
    The iSofter DVD to MP4 Converter is an excellent software for converting your DVD movies and videos to MP4 format for use on an iPod, a PSP, an Apple TV, a Creative Zen and many more popular MP4 players.