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iSofter DVD to MP4 Converter Review

iSofter DVD to MP4 Converter cover

As we mentioned on another page, there are literally 100's of software available on the market today to convert DVD to MP4 format. Some of those are great while others are not so good. One title that ranks at or near the top of the list is the iSofter DVD to MP4 Converter.

This outstanding product is made by iSofter Technologies, a top-notch developer of DVD and video ripping, converting and editing software. With this particular product you can easily convert your DVD to MP4 format and then upload it to your favorite MP4 supported device like an iPod, a PSP, an AppleTV, a Creative Zen or any other player.

The iSofter DVD to MP4 Converter is incredibly easy-to-use and is priced as low as you will find. When it comes to DVD to MP4 conversion, we haven't found a program that we like better thant his one from iSofter. The cherry on top is the fact that it comes with a free trial download so you can be sure the product works on your computer and supports your MP4 playing device.

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